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Yes, the Mercedes Residences is highly accessible to almost any kind of facility that you can think of but that is not the only reason why you should invest in a residential unit here. There are also plenty of in-house amenities provided by the condominium complex that will actually make you feel like you are on a permanent vacation when you are a resident of Mercedes Residences.

First of all, the ground floor of both towers are for commercial businesses, which means there will be convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, and other useful services that the residents and even non-residents of Mercedes Residences can enjoy. This means that you do not even have to leave the condominium complex for your basic necessities, everything is literally within your reach anyway.

The Mercedes Residences also places immense importance on providing its residents more than ample security and safety. For one thing, the complex is guarded by a team of highly trained security personnel. No one can get in the residential complex uninvited. There are also dozens of security cameras installed in the public areas of the condominium complex, so there is always a set of unblinking eyes keeping close watch on the residents. There is also an automatic sprinkler system and fire extinguishers on all floors of the residential towers, so in case a fire does break out, it will not have a chance to spread any further.

The Mercedes Residences also has its own clubhouse within the community. If you need to rent a space for family gatherings, parties, and any other occasion that needs a huge space, you can use the clubhouse. The clubhouse has a huge dining hall that has more than enough space for whatever it is that you are planning. There is also a complete gym and fitness center in the clubhouse that residents can use for free. You no longer have to spend a lot of money on expensive gym memberships because you already have one inside the community.

In front of the clubhouse is a huge water fountain area. Here, you can just sit down and watch the cascading water so you can relax and ease your mind. Also, there is a playground just beside the clubhouse where your kids can play with the other children in the community safely. Since it is quite safe inside the condominium complex, you don’t even need to keep watch over your kids while they play.

There is also a central garden between the two towers. This is like a small nature park where the residents can sit and chat. There are plenty of plants and trees so the place will always be a solace where you can get some fresh air. There is also a huge community pool and lounge area. The pool is actually wide enough that you can use it to exercise and train but you are also more than welcome to just lounge around by the poolside if you want to escape the heat during the warmer parts of the year. When you live in Mercedes Residences, you will actually feel like you are living in a resort hotel. You might not even want to go outside since everything you ever want is already inside the community.

  • Central Garden
  • Podium Garden
  • Leisure Pool
  • Commercial Area
  • Clubhouse
  • Children's Playground
  • Sky Garden
  • Roof Deck Function Hall
  • Function Hall
  • Fitness Gym
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